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The company is a conveyor belt production company headquartered in Shanghai, with a production base in Zhejiang. Sales: [Mio] [Kunye] two private label conveyor belts, four companies, covering an area of 10,000 square meters, office business More than 50 people, more than 100 factory employees, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong have offices. Engaged in the production and processing of various conveyor belts. It is an ISO9001 quality certification enterprise, a provincial high-tech enterprise, and has a development and innovation team. It has more than ten national patents. The products have passed FDA food certification, and have been tested for many tests such as low temperature resistance. 24-hour shift production, same day delivery, to provide you with high quality products and high quality service! A nationwide service provides one-stop service. Timely on-site tracking of processing services,

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Recently, I found that the image of the company was seriously stolen. Hereby declare that the following data is true and reliable, and the stolen map will be investigated. We will not do too much bragging, just use the data to speak, use the picture to prove, provide samples for free, invite you Visit the factory and sample free samples. Free design and price for you. Create a conveyor belt brand industry chain.
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It owns a large-scale coil production base and provides one-stop service for production and sales, thereby reducing customer waiting time and benefiting customers.

Providing customers with a simple and comfortable experience regardless of quality, processing or service


The plant area is tens of thousands of square meters, and the daily output is 15,000 square meters. 4 sets of conveyor belt coil production equipment, 4 sets of navigation equipment, 4 freight vehicles. According to customers to provide personalized production services, customized personalized patterns, special color modulation, special thickness suppression, special performance production, product performance adjustment. Conventional products have sufficient stocking and strong production capacity, which reduces waiting time for customers, strict requirements for after-sales and packaging, and is sold well all over the world. Committed to building a conveyor belt brand industry chain.


Nissan custom-made conveyor belts more than 1,000. More than 5,000 treadmill belts, 20 small conveyor belt high-frequency joint equipment, 12 large conveyor belt hot-melt joint equipment, 2 sets of small guide bar processing equipment, 1 set of large ultra-wide guide strip processing equipment. 3 sets of skirt processing equipment, 3 sets of skirt baffle processing equipment, 3 sets of conveyor belt automatic tooth cutting equipment, 1 set of large longitudinal equipment, 2 sets of manual layering equipment, 2 sets of manual toothing equipment, 2 large special processing manual operations Taiwan, a large manual cutting platform of more than ten meters, 10 imported hot melt air guns,

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    Raw materials are produced, reducing costs

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    Self-produced, innovative research and development

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    Attentive product, service with heart

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    Tightly grasp the quality, control the price

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    Create a brand and sell it abroad

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    Miou conveyor belt manufacturers, starting from raw materials, can customize the thickness of the conveyor belt, color, pattern, special performance and other customization,

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    Decades of technical team, to provide you with customized, diversified processing services, provide technical support, custom processing special conveyor belts, improve customer productivity.

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    Miou has its own distribution department, free distribution around, national logistics delivery, fast delivery, products are sold throughout the country, after-sales tracking, timely delivery problems.

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    The company is equipped with pre-sales and after-sales personnel, timely processing orders, 24-hour online service, equipped with technical personnel to answer questions in a timely manner.

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